2016-11-28 09:47:17

Dear Client, please reach our help desk on the after hours line as we are not available on the office line, thank you

2016-06-29 08:43:32

Dear Valued Client, please be advised that between 09:30 and 11:30 Wednesday 29th June the server will be off line for updates. Apologies for any inconvenience caused. Thank you

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Banking Details for Deposits

Account Holder: Quantum Wallet (Pty) Ltd

Account Number: 9271620925
Branch 632005 (Brooklyn)
FNB note
Account Number: 62348732084
Branch 251345 (Brooklyn)

FNB: Email or fax your proof of payment if your deposit is R100 or less. Why?

Deposit Reference: Use only either your Member ID, or the cellphone number that you use to log in. Please do NOT include ANY other text, such as your name, etc, as this WILL delay processing of your deposit. Why?

Buy/Sell Prepaid Airtime and Electricity

Quantum Wallet is an on-line service to buy and sell prepaid vouchers (such as prepaid airtime and prepaid electricity) at a discount. You can also transfer funds from your Quantum Wallet to other registered members. Quantum Wallet is a service for consumers who want to purchase prepaid airtime and electricity vouchers for themselves at a discount, or for any reseller who wants to make money by reselling prepaid airtime and electricity vouchers, or for someone who wants to become an agent to sign up other consumers or resellers and earn passive income from their sales. read more

You can use Quantum Wallet from your cellphone, personal computer, or, for resellers with high turnover, a Point-of-Sale terminal. read more

012 753 5599 (08:00 - 17:00)
081 872 0773 (08:00 - 22:00)

Error messages: view a list of possible error messages you may encounter whilst trying to purchase prepaid electricity and airtime vouchers. During peak demand periods (such as near month-end), you may encounter errors for electricity purchases, in which case continue trying.

Municipalities supported by Quantum Wallet. If you are unsure whether Quantum Wallet can vend for your meter, you can still register on-line (at no cost or obligation) and perform a meter check before depositing funds into your wallet.

Eskom helpdesk: 086 003 7566